Unique ATM Robbery for qbcore and esx servers with VOLTlab Signal and Drilling Minigame.

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Voltlab Hacking Minigame.


  • Extract ds-atmrobbery.zip and place it into your resource folder.

  • Install and ensure dependencies for the resource.

  • Setupconfig.lua (⚠️see #CONFIGURATION for instructions).

  • Add ensure ds-atmrobbery to your server start config (place it anywhere below the dependency & framework resources).


Please go through all configurable options & settings in config.luaand configure them to your server's preferences.

Also please read the comments at the end of each line, for a brief information on what the option does.

Add Items

['thermite'] = {
    ['name'] = 'thermite', 			  			
    ['label'] = 'Thermite', 				
    ['weight'] = 1000, 		
    ['type'] = 'item', 		
    ['image'] = 'thermite.png', 			
    ['unique'] = false, 	
    ['useable'] = true, 	
    'shouldClose'] = true,    
    ['combinable'] = nil,   
    ['description'] = 'Sometimes you\'d wish for everything to burn'

['drill'] = {
    ['name'] = 'drill', 			    		
    ['label'] = 'Drill', 					
    ['weight'] = 20000, 	
    ['type'] = 'item', 		
    ['image'] = 'drill.png', 				
    ['unique'] = false, 	
    ['useable'] = false, 	
    ['shouldClose'] = false,   
    ['combinable'] = nil,   
    ['description'] = 'The real deal...'

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